Implants are screws made of Titanium in general. The implant is completed by placing material produced with very solid materials in the color and appearance of the tooth on these screws. In general terms, implants are screw teeth mounted on the jaw.

Implant In Which Situations Is It Made?

It is most often used to correct a missing tooth, as an implant can replace a real tooth. Apart from this, it is also used in cases such as loss of aesthetics and loss of function. Implants can be made for only one missing tooth, and you can even fill a complete mouth with an implant. Basically, our aim is to eliminate the missing teeth.

Does Implant Have Any Harm?

Titanium used in the implant is one of the most compatible materials with the body. For example, there is titanium in the platinum material, which is considered as a binder in bone fractures or injuries. Once titanium is applied to the bone, it will stay there for life. Just as the titanium material used in the implant does not harm the body in the application made on broken bones, it will not harm the application in the tooth.


It is a simpler application than tooth extraction. Since the area to be implanted will be anesthetized, you will only feel a slight pressure and crunch during the application of the implant. No pain sensation occurs. A person can have 22 teeth pulled at the same time and screw the implant screws at the same time.

It takes approximately 4-5 minutes to place an implant screw into the jawbone. Only the process of adapting the implant material with the body takes a long time.

If bone resorption has occurred in the area where there is a missing tooth, this area can be filled with bone powder or block bones taken from other regions. When bone application takes place, the process of implant treatment takes a maximum of 6 months. This process is related to the physiology of the body.

Under normal conditions, implant treatment can be completed in a period of maximum 2 months.

Size kaliteli ve titiz bir hizmet sunabilmek için EOT klinik’ in diş hekimliği uzmanlıklarının her biri için profesyonellerden oluşan bir ekibi vardır. Tedavi Planınızın her aşamasında, söz konusu diş uzmanı tarafından kişisel bir takip içinde olursunuz



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